Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas is a time for family . . . #9 Christmas with You

Bows and ribbons shimmer bright,
sweet surprises wrapped with care.
Whispers in the firelight,
Christmas joy for us to share.

With stunning illustrations, this lyrical, joyful book is a wonderful celebration of all that is special about Christmas.

For me, the best thing about Christmas is spending time with my loved ones. Of course this has always been the case, but since leaving home and moving up to The Big Smoke, this time is even more special. I get two weeks back in Swansea to spend with my lovely family and friends. This book celebrates all the fantastic things you can do together at Christmas, from decorating the Christmas tree (my favourite thing) to singing carols. This really is a wonderful book to share together at Christmas.

I'm sure you can all guess what the question to win this book will be . . . Tell me your favourite thing to share/do with the special people in your life at Christmas. As it's my competition, I get to pick my favourite!


  1. I love putting the children to bed on Christmas Eve. We always share a book at bedtime - so for Christmas eve we always choose a Christmas one - just to built the excitement even more! Its great to see them all snuggled up and waiting for the big day to come.

  2. Oh, I love this! Well, Mark and I always invite friends over for Christmas. We are very far from our own family during the time as they are in South Africa and it's too expensive to visit them each year. So instead of being alone, we invite all our friends who are in similar situations to come and spend Christmas day with us.

    We make an entire occasion of it. I bake before hand and make lots of small edible gifts to take away after the main Christmas lunch - cookies and such.

    I prep for a few days ahead of time. I love catering and cooking and baking. I get up super early on the day to make sure everything's set up properly before I start cooking. The table groans with food and I have this impulse to feed everyone as much as I can.

    The most people I've cooked for in one sitting was fifteen. And our house is tiny but we had an amazing time. There were unexpected guests, presents galore, general mayhem and chaos with barking dogs, kids whizzing about. It was ace.

    Christmas for me is looking after everyone for a change - making sure they are all fed and watered. I love sitting around afterwards, talking about the year that's gone by and of course, loving the presents we give. I'm not very good at making things so I always try and make sure to buy one silly present and one present the person actually wants.

    Then, when everyone's gone, and it's just Mark, myself and our pup, Sparrow - we get to sigh and relax and say: that was a good day.

  3. Christmas stockings, I'm in my 30's and my sister is in her 20's but we both fill each other a stocking of goodies and it wouldn't be Christmas without it!

  4. I love making a gingerbread cottage with the kids and all icing it together and sticking on the sweets - for once, there's no squabbling ! Then getting the girls to make and wrap presents for each member of the family so that they realise Christmas is all about giving, not just receiving, presents.


  5. And the winner is . . . Emily! I will never forget the day my mother told us we were "too old" for Christmas stockings. That Christmas I gave her a stocking, just to make her feel bad. It didn't work.

    You have inspired me to enlist my sister to bring back the stocking!!

  6. P.S. I feel quite bad about picking a favourite from these as they were ALL lovely! You are a lovely bunch!