Wednesday, 9 December 2009

It's the most magical time of the year . . . #8 Winter Magic

A delightful collection of festive animal tales, with a sprinkling of magic, starring a lost wolfcub, some mischievous mice, a magic camel and a dog called wizard!

Featuring brand-new stories from celebrated authors - Michael Broad, Adele Geras, Tanya Landman, Penny Dolan, Julia Green, Holly Webb, Karen Wallace, Caroline Pitcher, Malachy Doyle and Elizabeth Baguley.

Christmas Animal Tales was received with such delight that we have since done not one, but two more Christmassy anthologies! This is number three, just to mix things up a bit. The quality has not dipped one jot. My favourite story in this one is Annie's Camel by Adele Geras. A lovely bit of Christmas magic!

To win this one I would like you to tell me what wish you would most like granted at Christmas time. My favourite gets a copy of the book.


  1. Would love it if it snowed and all the snowman actually did come to life and fly around! (but they have to be friendly snowmen!)

  2. Mine is a simple wish. I think its the little things people tend to take for granted and overlook that really matter and make Christmas special, snow flakes, Christmas lights, cards from special friends.

    So I wish we would all appreciate the little things that make Christmas so wonderful.

  3. I wish for all the batteries in the camcorders and cameras to not run out at the crucial moments, so we can get a permanent reminder of baby Pierre's first xmas !!


  4. What a lovely wish, Julkenny222! You are my lucky winner. Please email your postal address to: