Thursday, 10 December 2009

One for the little little-ones . . . #7 The Magic Little Sleigh

Jingle, jingle! Ding-a-dong ding!
Over the ocean, sleigh bells ring.
One little penguin's on his way,
Flying along in his magical sleigh!

Join these happy friends on their snowy day out. Children will love counting the creatures as they hop on the sleigh - with chunky touch-and-feel carriages that are perfect for little hands!

This is another product of Team Caterpillar so you can expect a lovely rhyming text, funky illustrations and a great novelty element. There are four books in this particular series and this one is a Christmassy counting adventure. Lots of glitter makes this one particularly festive.

To win a copy of this lovely book I'd like you to tell me where you would travel to if you had a magical sleigh to take you there.


  1. It would have to be somewhere cold, wouldn't it? Or the sleigh wouldn't be much use... hmmm... I think it would have to be Mount Ruapehu in the north island of New Zealand. Beautiful, and nostalgic - lived in NZ for a couple of years when I was small.

  2. I'd like a magic sleigh to take me into London - I know it isn't very far but with trains, tubes and buses sometimes if feels like a million niles.