Tuesday, 15 December 2009

May all your christmases be white . . . #4 One Snowy Night

One snowy Christmas, a cold little hedgehog wakes from his winter sleep to find a present from Father Christmas. It's a snug woolly red hat - just what he needs. But when Little Hedgehog tries to wear the hat his prickles get in the way and it won't fit. Then Little Hedgehog has a wonderful idea . . .

Little Hedgehog is one of our most enduring characters. Each of his adventures has something of a meteorological theme, and in this particular story it is a snowstorm which threatens to get the better of the small spiky one. But what is a little dose of extreme weather conditions when you've got good friends looking out for you? This lovely, wintry tale touches gently on themes of friendship, generosity and sharing - all important at this special time of year! Also, if that's not enough for you, Little Hedgehog's hat is touch-and-feel on every page - lovely and soft for little fingers.

To win this book I'd like you to tell me the best Christmas present you've ever been given.


  1. A baby doll, as I also got a HUGE big black sack that contained all my baby clothes that fitted the doll perfectly, and a pram for her.

  2. My best ever present was a box of wax crayons - 64 of them, each one a different colour. All my bigger, more expensive presents were ignored while I coloured in everything I could lay my hands on. My poor mother even ended up ironing some of her beautiful embroidery transfers on to paper for me to colour. That must be what set me out on the path to become the passionate crafter I am now.

  3. A toy dog when I was 7! It had its own lead and ir "walked". I was never allowed an animal as a child so I LOVED this doggie :) I even took it for a walk on christmas morning- lol!

  4. I couldn't possibly disappoint someone who wasn't allowed a dog for Christmas! Englishian, you win!