Friday, 4 December 2009

Getting Crafty for Christmas . . . #11 Christmas Stencils

Draw snowmen, flying reindeer, snowflakes, presents and much more using the stencils on each page and design your own snowy scenes, cards and wrapping paper. Then use the big press-out pieces as sparkling decorations - perfect for hanging on your tree.

This is a Caterpillar book. The Caterpillars are an incredibly creative bunch who design and produce all sorts of novelty books for quite small people. They come up with the most innovative ideas which sound wonderful, but none of us believe can actually be realised. Lo and behold, every time they manage to design the product so that it is actually feasible and our awesome production team find some clever printers who can make it a reality.

Christmas Stencils is one such example. It does so many things, it doesn't quite do it justice to simply call it a book. It is a board books with really cute illustrations and a lovely rhyming text, but it doesn't stop there. It has press out pieces, which you can use as stencils and the bits you press out have nifty little holes so that you can string a bit of ribbon through them and use them as Christmas decorations. Lovely.

There are five Christmas decorations in the book. One is given away on the cover - a snowman. A copy of the book to the first person to guess one of the other items.


  1. a christmas tree

    @cherylp59 on twitter

  2. And the winner is . . . dunh-duh-duh-duuuuuuh . . . Cheryl. There IS a Christmas tree in there. DM me your address and I shall send your copy out to you. Better luck on Monday, everyone else. x

  3. Bummer, I read the blog too late! Congrats Sheryl!