Monday, 7 December 2009

A pet is NOT just for Christmas . . . #10 Christmas Animal Tales

A magical treasury of festive animal tales, starring a little donkey, a naughty kitten, a special reindeer and even a talking turkey. Featuring brand new stories from celebrated authors Adele Geras, Michael Broad, Vivian French, Maeve Friel, Anna Wilson, Penny Dolan, Holly Webb and Alan Durant.

If there is one area in which Stripes is unrivalled, it's in cute animal stories. The prolific mistress of the Adorable Animal in Peril genre, Holly Webb, is our biggest selling author, selling in excess of half a million copies! It was only natural, then, that we produce a Christmas books playing to our strengths, and so Christmas Animal Tales was born. With contributions from the creme de la creme writing for young readers, including the lovely Holly, this is an utterly charming collection. My personal favourite is Talking Turkey by Alan Durant - I was a bit of an animal activist as a child!

To win this lovely book, I want you to tell me what name you would give to an adorable little puppy which was left on your doorstep on Christmas Eve. My favourite gets a copy of the book.


  1. sounds like a great book
    my puppy would be called cracker!

  2. Sounds like a great book.

    I think I'd call a puppy Mince Pie.

    But Poppy (my daughter) says she'd call him Santa Paws (but that's perhaps because we watched Santa Buddies yesterday).

  3. Panter Claws ! although Snowflake sounds cuter


  4. Well, Caroline, if it had been down to you I'm afraid you would probably have missed out on the prize, but lucky for Poppy I love a good pun and 'Santa Paws' is without a doubt the best of the bunch!