Friday, 11 December 2009

You better not pout, I'm telling you why . . . #6 I've Seen Santa!

It's Christmas Eve and Little Bear can't wait for Santa to deliver his presents. "Santa will come just as soon as you go to sleep," Mummy Bear says. But Little Bear doesn't want to go to sleep. He wants to see Santa. Suddenly . . . glug, glug, glug! What's that noise? Someone is downstairs! Will Little Bear really get to see Santa . . . ?

I'm being extra generous to you with this one and offering one of our book & CD sets. You probably didn't know this, but we were the first people to put the CD actually inside the back of the book, rather than putting it in one of those plastic packs. Much neater to display in bookshops and better for the environment, so a winner all round! This one's read by Lesley Sharp and Jason Isaacs (yes, him out of Harry Potter, but this is his cuddly side.) and they do a great job of this lovely cosy Christmas story.

To win this book I want to hear about a time when you've seen/heard evidence of Santa's visit.


  1. 5 years old, living in a top floor apartment and heard footsteps on roof. Ran to window and saw rudolph red nose. I screamed excitedly but knew I had to get back in bed quickly. Years later, found out my sister had flash light with red cloth on a long mop pole & brother got into A LOT of trouble for climbing on the roof and cops were almost called LOL!

  2. That is very funny. How clever/mischievous were your siblings??